TM Series

Multi-turn actuator

TM-SERIES is for multi turn valves - globe, gate valves,and also for quarter turn valves - butterfly,ball valves adopting 2nd worm reducer.

 Major parts / component are easy to change for trouble shooting and maintenance.

 Wide range voltage motors (220V~460VAC,3Phase) are ready for your choice.

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All the compartments of TM series are double sealed with a pair of V shape ring & O ring and have the flame path according to IEC standard to ensure complete protection from dust, moisture and flame.

•Water proof : IP-68 (IEC-60529 ,submersible to a depth of 8 meters for 72hours)

•Explosion proof : Exd IIB-T4 (IEC-60079-0,1) 

•Communication Standard : Mod Bus-RTU, Profibus-DP, Foundation FieldBus, HART

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  • Separated Type cable(posco)
  • Brake motors application for POSCO
  • Stem bush (for POSCO)
  • Stem bush
  • Mechanical Data