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TM Series_Introduction
  TM Series
Multi-turn actuator

TM-SERIES is for multi turn valves - globe, gate valves,and also for quarter turn valves - butterfly,ball valves adopting 2nd worm reducer.
Major parts / component are easy to change for trouble shooting and maintenance.
Wide range voltage motors (220V~460VAC,3Phase) are ready for your choice.

All the compartments of TM series are double sealed with a pair of V shape ring & O ring and have the flame path according to IEC standard to ensure complete protection from dust, moisture and flame.
  • Water proof : IP-68 (IEC-60529 ,submersible to a depth of 8 meters for 72hours)
  • Explosion proof : Exd IIB-T4 (IEC-60079-0,1)
  • Communication Standard : Mod Bus-RTU, Profibus-DP, Foundation FieldBus, HART
The Structure of the TM Series Detailed Description Drawing. >

SWITCH UNIT consists of limit switch assembly, torque switch assembly and position indicator.
LIMIT SWITCH is driven by a counter gear train to ensure high setting accuracy and reliability at any predetermined position.
Set easily and fast by screwdriver. Available up to 4-train X 4 contacts.
TORQUE SWITCH stops the motor when the torque bigger than set value is applied to the output shaft of actuator.
Originally measured and set at the time of delivery and adjustable at site by repositioning the dial.
POSITION INDICATOR of wide angle linearly shows the exact position of valve in percentage.
POSION TRANSMETER consists of poteniometer(output 0-1kΩ) and R/I converter (output 4~20mADC) as an option
TERMINAL UNIT is double o-ring sealed to ensure the integrity of the components inside when the cover is removed for site wiring.
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